Manufacturing and Production

All orders must be written down in a form. No order is taken by phone.

If a form does not have the basic information, it will be on hold until the client provides it.

Complements (Offset minis, photographic minis) or accessories (Attaché, Box, Bag?) will only be manufactured as long as there is an album ordered alongside, or if the album has already been made. Please contact Customer Service for special needs.

A signature book with no spaces for signatures will be regarded as a normal album.

'American Book', 'Minimagazines' and 'Offset minis' cannot have their sheets modified once the product has been delivered.

Samples must have photos of different photo reports. Otherwise, the word 'sample' is subject to be laser-engraved. If the client indicates it is a sample, this will be discounted a 20%.

Logos are laser-engraved as long as it is requested in the order. Unless specified otherwise, the logo will be engraved on the central bottom of the back.

Shipment and Invoicing

Álbum La Comercial manufactures every product it offers, that is why your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. The production process is made up of various steps in which quality tests are carried out. Nonetheless, since the work produced in our bindery is handmade, colour and manufacture variations may occur. Printings and bindings of the same product might be different, but these variances must be regarded as normal, since it is not a flaw from factory and it does not justify manufacturing it again. Álbum La Comercial commits itself to replacing or fixing the product, but pays neither indemnity nor compensation for any collateral damage that may occur.

On the unlikely case the package arrives damaged or the product is flawed from factory, contact the agent in your country or reach us on within seven days of the product purchase. We will handle and fix the issue.

While quality testing, Álbum La Comercial will inform the client when something is wrong with the order or files, and will not be held accountable in case it is the client's fault.

The client is responsible for the content of the product and s/he must ensure it does not violate any privacy rights, right to advertisement, copyrights, or any other people or entity's rights. Content means any kind of texts, files, design templates, images, photographs, author works and other materials. Should a problem arise between client-establishment, Álbum La Comercial S.L is not to be held responsible.